Library and Information Services


Sheps Center resources

The Sheps Center Library houses some pertinent reference materials, including basic statistical and demographic reference works; classic health services texts, North Carolina, AMA, and AHA guides; directories; and the Sage series on research.

A small number of current periodical titles are donated to the Sheps Center Library.

The Library also contains a special grey literature file compiled over the lifetime of the Center, the Rural/Policy Literature file, a file that held classic and ephemeral materials pertaining to rural health and health policy.

Due to space considerations, this file was reduced to materials covering the following topics:

  1. Materials related to original research projects performed at the Sheps Center and not available electronically, and/or historically significant
  2. Select publications that staff and researchers recommended retaining
  3. Publications containing raw data not available at other UNC libraries or online
  4. Original surveys, questionnaires, or “tools”
  5. Original hard copy grant applications of historical importance to the Sheps Center
  6. The Rural/Policy File is supplemented with information from newspapers, government documents, state reports, and other sources and librarians maintain a database of bibliographic records, electronic holdings and relevant PDF documents