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Emmanuel Jo presents to Workforce Team

An image of three individuals (from left) Tom Ricketts, Erin Fraher, and Emmanuel Jo standing behind a table and in front of a monitor screen mounted on a white wall. The three are standing together and smiling directly facing the camera. Tom is wearing a salmon polo t-shirt and dark pants. Erin is wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with black circles and black pants. Emmanuel is wearing a charcoal grey long-sleeved dress shirt with white dots and navy blue pants.
















On Thursday, April 25th, Emmanuel Jo, who specializes in mathematical modelling in health workforces, visited the Sheps Center to visit the Health Workforce Program. His expertise includes turning real-world situations into mathematical models, providing health workforce forecasting models for government health initiatives and policies. Emmanuel’s presentation was entitled: “Health workforce forecast modelling and health workforce plans in New Zealand.


More about Emmanuel Jo

Emmanuel joined Electronic Data Systems (EDS) (now the Hewlett-Packard) in 2000 and currently serves as a mathematical modeler working on a variety project. He joined the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) in 2004 and moved to the Ministry of Health in 2006 and transferred to Health New Zealand in 2022 as a part of health reform in New Zealand. During his service at the Ministry, he has developed the Virtual Diabetes Register in 2009 which is now being used as the official diabetes prevalence in New Zealand. He has also developed the Health Workforce Forecasting Model in 2015 for planning of health workforces. Currently, Emmanuel is an Honorary Lecturer in Medicine at School of Medicine University of Auckland, and Manager of Analytics and Forecasting Section, People and Culture at Health New Zealand.


View Emmanuel’s PubMed profile to learn more about his work.