Grupo de “Padres Efectivos”

(Click here for English) ¡Bienvenida/os! Somos un grupo de investigadoras de la Universidad de Carolina del Norte, trabajamos en el departamento The Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research. Nuestro equipo está realizando un estudio para aprender cómo ayudar a padres Latinos a mejor navegar el sistema de salud en los Estados Unidos cuando… Read more »

Circles of Care: Supporting African Americans with Cancer

Patients with advanced cancer need supportive and palliative care in addition to cancer-specific treatments, to overcome pain, reduce psychological and spiritual distress, and meet practical needs. African Americans are more likely to have advanced cancer, yet less often get effective pain management, cancer communication, or supportive care. To overcome barriers for African Americans with cancer,… Read more »

Lung Cancer Surgery: Decisions Against Life Saving Care – The Intervention Center

This American Cancer Society sponsored study is designed to use a health literacy and culturally appropriate communication intervention for patients and electronic data tools for providers to optimize lung cancer surgery treatment for early stage lung cancer for all patients and to reduce the surgical gap between African-American and white lung cancer patients.