Toward a system where workforce planning and interprofessional practice and education are designed around patients and populations not professions

Product type: manuscript in Journal of Interprofessional Care, January 2019. Authors: Fraher EP, Brandt BF Abstract: Collaboration between Brandt and Fraher grew from a desire to forge a new, joint vision for the future Current workforce planning approaches not fit for purpose to meet future challenges, and the field of IPE faces its own challenges… Read more »

How Might the Move Toward a Baccalaureate-Prepared Nursing Workforce Affect the Supply of Nurses in Rural and Underserved Communities?

Authors: Erica Richman, PhD, MSW; Julie Spero, MSPH; Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP Presentation at Academy Health’s Annual Research Meeting June 27, 2016   Presentation Overview: We will use North Carolina to frame challenges and opportunities regarding: Current nursing workforce “Education mobility” nurses — those who entered workforce with ADN and have gone on to BSN… Read more »

The Nursing Workforce: Trends and Challenges

Author: Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP Presentation to NCGA Joint Legislative Workforce Development System Reform Oversight Committee March 1, 2016   Presentation Overview: Basic statistics on licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives Education Supply Distribution Challenges facing NC’s nursing workforce Maldistribution by geography and setting Lack of diversity The shift to… Read more »

Where did North Carolina Physicians Complete Residency?

Kathryn A. Lavoie, James Terry, Katie Gaul, Julie C. Spero, & Erin P. Fraher June 2016 The Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research’s Program on Health Workforce Research & Policy present a report on trends in residency location for physicians in active practice in North Carolina from 2000 to 2014.

The Nursing Workforce in North Carolina: Challenges and Opportunities

Future of Community College Nursing Education Meeting North Carolina Community College System Part 1 •The NC Health Professions Data System: who are we and why should you trust our data? •Do we (will we) have a nursing shortage in North Carolina? •The current nursing workforce—how do ADN nurses differ from nurses with a baccalaureate degree… Read more »

Envisioning the Future Optometry Workforce in North Carolina

Should North Carolina open a school of optometry? This report presents the status of the optometry workforce in North Carolina, including supply and distribution, demographics, and practice characteristics. Key Findings: North Carolina Has a Strong Supply of Optometrists The Ratio of North Carolina Optometrists Varies Significantly by County The Demographics of the Optometrist Workforce are Changing… Read more »

The Pharmacist Workforce in North Carolina

Is there a shortage of pharmacists in North Carolina? This document presents what is currently known about the supply and distribution of the pharmacist workforce in North Carolina.  

2001 North Carolina Physicians

Medical School and Residency Training A comparison of demographic, geographic and practice characteristics of licensed North Carolina physicians by location of medical school and residency training.