Social Work in Integrated Primary Care: A Systematic Review

January 14, 2017 Presentation at Society for Social Work Annual Research Meeting New Orleans, LA Brianna M. Lombardi, MSW; Mark W. Fraser, PhD; Shiyou Wu, MSW; Erica Richman, PhD; Erin Fraher, MPP, PhD; Lisa de Saxe Zerden, PhD Presentation Overview Presented systematic review that aimed to: Describe the functions of social workers on interprofessional teams in… Read more »

Determining the Role of the Nurse with a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree

Anna Song Beeber, PhD, RN; Cheryl Jones, PhD, RN, FAAN; Carrie Palmer DNP, RN, ANP-BC; Julee Waldrop DNP, PNP-BC; Mary Lynn PhD, RN CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS FOR POLICY 1)Prior studies have not examined the role of the DNP in non-academic settings, nor have the perspectives of non-academic employers been assessed. 2)The role of the DNP-prepared… Read more »

Physical and Occupational Therapy in the Acute and Community Settings Following Stroke: Are Patients Getting the Care They Need?

Janet K. Freburger, PT, PhD; Dongmei Li, MS; Anna Johnson, PhD; Erin Fraher, PhD Carolina HWRC Project: The Role of Physical and Occupational Therapists in the Acute to Post-Acute Care Transition (2014-15)            Conclusions and Policy Implications 1) Physical and occupational therapists play a key role in the recovery of stroke survivors. 2) We found… Read more »

How Many Doctors, Nurses, and Other Health Professionals Do You Need?

Barbara Brandt, PhD; Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP Presentation for National Governors Association April 22, 2015 Washington, DC Presentation Overview Will health professionals be in the right locations, specialties and practice settings with the skills and competencies needed to meet the demands of a transformed health care system by: improving the patient experience of care, improving the… Read more »

Numbers and Policies: Bringing the Two Together

Keynote presentation at UNC Dental School Research Day Chapel Hill, NC Feb 25, 2015 Presentation Overview: Describe how data can be used to: Support a policy position Assess a policy outcome Drive a policy agenda Describe three cases where numbers were/are used to affect policy: The NC Medicaid program The ECU School of Dental Medicine… Read more »

Social Work in Integrated Primary Care: A Systematic Review

Mark Fraser, PhD, MSW; Brianna Lombardi, MSW; Shiyou Wu, MSW; Lisa de Saxe Zerden, PhD, MS; Erica Richman, PhD, MSW; Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP Conclusions and Policy Implications 1) The systematic literature review revealed three primary roles for social workers in integrated health care: • behavioral health specialists; • care managers; • a referral role…. Read more »

North Carolina’s Oral Health Workforce: Challenges and Strategies

Julie Spero, MSPH; Jacqueline Burgette, DMD; Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP; Katie Gaul, MA Presentation at the North Carolina Oral Health Summit September 23, 2016   Overview: North Carolina’s oral health workforce Supply and distribution Demographics Policy options What strategies has NC used to address oral health workforce needs? What can we learn from other states?  

How Might the Move Toward a Baccalaureate-Prepared Nursing Workforce Affect the Supply of Nurses in Rural and Underserved Communities?

Authors: Erica Richman, PhD, MSW; Julie Spero, MSPH; Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP Presentation at Academy Health’s Annual Research Meeting June 27, 2016   Presentation Overview: We will use North Carolina to frame challenges and opportunities regarding: Current nursing workforce “Education mobility” nurses — those who entered workforce with ADN and have gone on to BSN… Read more »

Does the Race and Ethnicity of North Carolina’s Health Workforce Reflect the Diversity of the Population?

Authors: Erica Richman, PhD, MSW; Julie Spero, MSPH; Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP Presentation at the AAMC Health Workforce Research Conference May 5, 2016   Presentation Overview • Evaluate North Carolina’s progress toward increased diversity in health professions • Compare the racial/ethnic diversity of the state to that of its health professionals • Show how we use data to… Read more »