Business, Finance & Research Administration

Sheps Center’s Business Office is committed to supporting the research mission of the Center. Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service and research administration expertise. The Business Office provide support to researchers with contract and grant applications, financial management, human resources, and payroll. The Center’s Business Office consists of 5 individuals that provide guidance and instruction with research administration activities: pre- and post-award; generating data for completing agency forms and reports; proposal packaging and submission; establishing and managing financial accounts; human resources: job creation, recruitment, retention; and payroll. The Deputy Director has over 39 years experience in research administration, financial management and human resources at UNC-CH and 18 years of this with The Cecil G. Sheps Center for HSR. This office averages more than 120 proposal submissions each year.

The office works in close collaboration with the university’s Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) with regard to all facets of pre-award and post-award administration and is a liaison between a number of university departments and other campus offices for the research administration, financial management and human resources processes.

Contract and grant administrators are assigned to specific Center investigators, and do not rotate. In this way, there is clear and consistent delegation of responsibilities which allows investigators to focus on their research rather than on administrative concerns.

For inquiries, please email:

Research Administration / Finance

Nancy Jenkins, Deputy Director 919-966-7103

Crystal McCall, Associate Director, 919-843-3390

Megan Gallegos, Associate Director, 919-843-6883

Jennifer Hodges, Associate Director, 919-966-7920

Phyllis Shaw, Business Officer, 919-843-3517

Human Resources

Nancy Jenkins, Deputy Director, 919-966-7103

Cathy Lyons-Mangum, Human Resource Specialist, 919-966-6155

Becky Stone, Human Resource Specialist, 919-843-2510