Family Planning Medicaid Waiver Evaluation Materials

Family Planning Medicaid Waiver Evaluation Materials

Collection of materials used by Medicaid FP Waiver Evaluators’ Workgroup. Evaluators of FP waivers in DHHS Region IV (AL, FL, MS, NC and SC) first met in September 2005 at the RNDMU Workshop in Asheville, NC. They continue to meet monthly in conference calls to discuss issues in evaluating waiver demonstration and share issues and solutions. Over time, state staff assigned to the Medicaid family planning waiver joined the evaluators to discuss issues of common interest. In addition, evaluators and staff from states beyond Region IV have become an integral part of the Workgroup, as have other partners from Guttmacher Institute and CMS.

Publications and Presentations

Full-text versions or links to papers and presentations either authored by members of the Workgroup or suggested materials that pertain to the evaluations of Medicaid Family Planning Waiver demonstrations.

Definitions of Common Indicators

Criteria for participant eligibility, types of services offered, and demonstration objectives vary among the waiver demonstrations. One of the objectives of the Workgroup is to define common indicators across State programs using state-specific waiver evaluation data for purposes of comparison. Although these may not match the indicators used in waiver demonstration reports, they allow the participating evaluators to compare process and outcome measures across states and over time.

Outreach and Improving Utilization

Working papers and examples of strategies used to strengthen utilization of Medicaid family planning waiver services.

Renewal Applications and Report

Members of the Workgroup post the evaluation sections of waiver applications and progress reports to share information, methods, and goals.

Sample Evaluation Designs

Members of the Workgroup post working documents on evaluation designs to share their ideas with others who design or plan to design evaluations of waiver demonstrations. The materials posted may vary from the final evaluation design submitted to CMS.