Database Description

Marketscan® Commercial Claims and Encounters and Medicare Supplemental Databases

Marketscan® File Structure

The IBM® MarketScan® Research Databases are one of the largest proprietary collections of de-identified US patient data available for healthcare research. If features more than 264 million covered individuals, 37 billion service records, more than 160 contributing employers and 40 contributing health plans. MarketScan data may offer distinct advantages over other databases.

Integrated at the patient-level data and reflecting the real-world continuum and cost of health care, our large sample size allows for research on unique patient populations. Complete episodes of care can support more inclusive cost and treatment studies. MarketScan data has been used in more than 2,400 studies published in peer-reviewed journal articles making it among the most published in the US. The IBM MarketScan Lab Database is also available

The Commercial Claims and Encounters and Medicare Supplemental Databases have the following structure:

  • Medical/surgical Claims files
  • Inpatient Admissions file
  • Facility Header file
  • Inpatient Services file
  • Outpatient Services file
  • Outpatient Pharmaceutical Claims file
  • Annual Enrollment Summary file
  • Enrollment Detail file
  • Aggregated (not person-specific) Populations file
  • RED BOOK™ Supplement (includes variables related to drug prescription analysis)