Data Access Guidelines

General Eligibility  

Only University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill faculty, staff, and graduate students are permitted to access data maintained by the Carolina Cost and Quality Initiative. Project proposals must be submitted to a review committee for approval in order to assure the feasibility of the proposed research.


Cost of Data

For unfunded projects, there are no fees for initial consultations or creation of basic analytic data sets of reasonable size. It is anticipated that these basic services will take up to 10 hours (2 hours of analytic consultation and 8 hours of analytic time). Charges per year of data will be made for requests that exceed three years of data. These charges cover costs associated with data preparation.

Funded projects will be asked to pay for all analytic costs. We recommend including sufficient funding for analytic time in all grant proposals. Funding to pay for data management and programming time must be arranged and documented before the data request is submitted. Data management or programming work will be estimated based on a needs assessment using an hourly rate of $89/hour. 


Data Storage

All data, including analysis subsets and extracts, must be stored and analyzed on approved secure servers at the Sheps Center. Server access fee of $4,720 per user per year will apply. This fee supports systems maintenance and security controls.