Focus Area Lead Faculty

Listed below are the program’s priority areas within primary care, selected for the strength of UNC’s research and faculty in this area and to their importance to primary care and to current research funders. The named Focus Area Lead Faculty in each area are listed along with their specialized expertise.


Minority Health & Disparities

Giselle Corbie-Smith, MD, MPH
Projects and expertise: methodological, ethical, and practical issues of enrolling minority patients in research, community-participatory research in minority communities including through faith-based organizations, and building community infrastructure to support community engagement.

Kori Flower, MD, MPH
Projects to reduce health and healthcare disparities for Spanish-speaking children and families

Daniel Reuland, MD, MPH
Projects and expertise: developing and testing interventions aimed at improving primary health care for vulnerable patient populations, particularly Latino populations.

Carmen-Samuel-Hodge, PhD
Projects and expertise: behavioral lifestyle and family-based intervention research within communities, particularly to address the chronic disease risk reduction among African American and low-income populations.


Community Interventions

Giselle Corbie-Smith, MD, MPH
Projects: Project GRACE, a community-based participatory research partnership in Eastern North Carolina.

Katrina Donahue, MD, MPH
Projects and expertise: organization of health services and quality improvement through community practice interventions.

Kori Flower, MD, MPH
Projects to improve health and life of young children living in poverty

Greg Randolph, MD, MPH
Expertise and extensive experience: quality improvement (QI) leadership, implementation, education, and research.


Access to Care, Health Workforce and Rural Health

Erin Fraher, PhD
Projects and expertise: the workforce implications of health reform and new models of primary care team, including the constitution and role substitution of health care teams, and the roles, training and certification issues of new health disciplines.

Donald Pathman, MD, MPH
Expertise: research and evaluations of federal, state, university, organization and community programs and policies to affect access to care in underserved urban and rural areas, particularly policies to affect where clinicians practice, the groups to whom they provide care, and the quality of the care they provide.

Thomas Ricketts, PhD
Projects and expertise: Rural health care services and rural health care workforce, including the development of indices of underservice for primary care and dental care and geographic standards for access and service areas.


Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Tim Carey, MD, MPH
Projects and expertise: health services research, comparative effectiveness research and translational research.

Kori Flower, MD, MPH
Expertise in QI measurement and quality improvement collaboratives aimed at improving child health

Greg Randolph, MD, MPH
Projects and expertise: directing the Population Health Improvement Partners and its predecessor, The Center for Public Health Quality leads numerous interventions in the application and training in QI in health care and public health.


Diet, Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease Risks

Alice Ammerman, PhD
Projects and expertise: designing and testing innovative clinical and community-based nutrition and physical activity intervention approaches for chronic disease risk reduction in primarily low income and minority populations.

Carmen Samuel-Hodge, PhD
Projects and expertise: behavioral lifestyle and family-based intervention research among African Americans and low-income populations in the areas of diabetes, diet, obesity and cardiovascular disease risk reduction intervention research.


Evidence-Based Medicine, Decision Sciences, Prevention and Screening

Daniel Jonas, MD, MPH
Expertise: evidence synthesis, comparative effectiveness, screening, prevention, unhealthy alcohol use, pharmacogenomics, and health services research


New Models of Primary Care Delivery

Katrina Donahue, MD, MPH
Projects and expertise: new models of primary care practice for quality improvement.

Warren Newton, MD, MPH
Projects and expertise: organization and effectiveness of health care, practice transformation and quality improvement at the organization, regional and statewide levels.