Physician Projection Models: Why the Differences and Why Does It Matter?

Product type: presentation at AAMC Health Workforce Research Conference, Tysons Corner, VA., May 10, 2018 Presenters: Fraher E, Knapton, A, Kandrack, R, Holmes, M. Overview:  The physician shortage narrative persists. It causes us to ask, and answer, what I think is the wrong question We developed different modeling approach to identify types of health care… Read more »

The Nursing Workforce: Trends and Challenges

Author: Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP Presentation to NCGA Joint Legislative Workforce Development System Reform Oversight Committee March 1, 2016   Presentation Overview: Basic statistics on licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives Education Supply Distribution Challenges facing NC’s nursing workforce Maldistribution by geography and setting Lack of diversity The shift to… Read more »

2013 North Carolina Health Professions Data Book

The Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research publishes the North Carolina Health Professions Data Book which is widely used by state officials, researchers, and professionals in the health care industry as the official source of health professions statistics. The annual publication includes state-, region-, and county-level statistics, as well as demographic and health-related… Read more »

The State of the Physician Workforce in North Carolina: Overall Physician Supply Will Likely Be Sufficient but Is Maldistributed by Specialty and Geography

The number of physicians in North Carolina currently meets the needs of the population, but there are problems with geographic and specialty distribution. The match of supply to demand is likely to remain in rough balance due to the rapid increase in the number of new medical schools in the nation, the expansion of medical school classes in North Carolina, and a… Read more »