Data Access Guidelines

Who can use these data?

Researchers—including faculty and staff—at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill may submit a request to re-use Medicaid MAX data. Faculty and staff project proposals must be submitted to the CER Strategic Initiative (CER SI) review committee for prior approval in order to assure the feasibility of the proposed research using MAX data. If approved by the CER SI review committee, the researcher may submit a reuse request to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Guidelines for faculty and staff project submissions are available in the Preliminary Requests and Requests for Analytic Data sections in the left-hand menu.

Fees and Services (as of 4/01/2016)

CMS requires that each project that uses UNC MAX data obtain a reuse agreement. The steps for this process will be provided after initial consultation with the CER SI staff. CMS charges $2000 for a reuse agreement. The reuse fee is waived for student dissertations.

If you have a research project that requires the use of a Medicaid MAX dataset not available at UNC, you will need to prepare an application for a new data use agreement (DUA). The CER SI team can assist faculty investigators with the application process.

There are no fees for initial consultations with the CER SI team to assist with project planning (discussing resources and procedures, defining your research questions, feasibility assessments and project planning, and assistance with data use agreements). For assistance beyond these basic services, there may be costs to the researcher, and a cost estimate can be provided.

The CER SI does not have funding to provide consultation services for student research projects. Students may submit a project proposal to the CER SI review committee, and, if approved, the CER SI will provide a step-by-step guide for obtaining a CMS data reuse agreement. Students must send the CER SI their reuse agreement request materials for approval and submission to ResDAC.

Data Storage

All data, including analysis subsets and extracts, must be stored and analyzed on approved secure servers at the Sheps Center. Fees for server access may apply.