Requests for Analytic Data

North Carolina Hospital Discharge Data

We recommend arranging a preliminary discussion with Sheps staff, prior to submitting a request.

A NC Hospital Discharge Request Form must be completed. This request must include:

  • Individual name, organization name, contact information
  • If student, name of faculty adviser
  • Purpose of study or need for data
  • Funding source
  • IRB information
  • Types of information or variables needed
  • Years of data needed
  • Procedures for maintaining confidentiality, data security and storage

Please note that when requesting the standard research file that one of the following three variables MUST be suppressed: ZIP Code, Primary Diagnosis, or Hospital ID. If your project needs require all three, or you want to request additional variables not available in the standard research file, please contact Sheps to discuss prior to submission.

Each request is reviewed for the purpose of approving or denying the request. If approved, a cost estimate will be determined based on the current posted fee structure. Requests are for raw discharge data, and users must have the knowledge and experience to analyze the data.

Response time for fulfilling requests is based on Sheps Center staff and analytic availability. Priority is given to requests that involve obligations or contracts for research or other project grants that would be jeopardized if the data were not made available in a specified time frame. Current wait time for analytic data is several months.

Data Request Materials

NC Hospital Discharge Request Form