Data Dictionaries

North Carolina Hospital Discharge Data

Data dictionaries for the most recent years of North Carolina Hospital Discharge Data for our Standard Research File.  Dictionaries for prior years can be requested from Sheps Staff.



2015 NC ED DataDictionary Researcher

2015 NC Inpatient DataDictionary Researcher


FY2014 NC Inpatient_Data Dictionary

FY2014 NC_Outpatient & Ambulatory Surgery_Data Dictionary

FY2014 NC_ED_Data Dictionary


FY2013 NC Inpatient Data Dictionary

FY2013 NC Hospital Outpatient & Ambulatory Surgery Data Dictionary

FY2013 NC ED Data Dictionary


FY2012 NC Inpatient Data Dictionary

FY2012 NC AmbSurg DataDictionary

FY2012 NC ED DataDictionary


FY2011 NC Inpatient  Data Dictionary

FY2011 NC AmbSurg Outpatient DataDictionary

FY2011 NC ED Data Dictionary


Beginning FY2016 (October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016) the NC Discharge Data will have ICD10 diagnosis and Procedure codes rather than ICD9 codes.  For more information on this transition and links to comparison information please visit this link at NCTracks.