Requests for Analytic Data

The following steps are required to access HCUP datasets via the Sheps Center:

  1. Email indicating which dataset and years you are interested in using.
  2. Once CER SI staff have approved your request, complete the HCUP Data Use Agreement (DUA) training and the DUA for the State Databases or the DUA for the Nationwide Databases, depending on which datasets you are interested in using.
  3. Email your signed DUA and DUA training course certificate to and copy Abigail Haydon ( Let HCUP know that you will be sharing data purchased by the University of North Carolina Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research (persons of record, Roger Akers and Janet Freburger). We will file your completed DUA forms but you should also keep a copy.
  4. Once HCUP confirms receipt of your documents, email the confirmation to Abigail Haydon ( who will then refer you to the appropriate Sheps Center staff to arrange server access.