RNDMU Workshops

2012 Conference Proceedings

RNDMU Project Director: Julia L. DeClerque, DrPH, MPH, Tel: 919-966-7106

2012 Workshop Agenda


Workshop Welcome and Objectives

Adapting to the Changing Healthcare Economy Positioning Our Programs for the Future   Dana E. Thomas, BS, JD

New Standards of Care for Family Planning in an Era of Increasing AccountabilityLorrie E. Gavin, PhD

Contraceptive Use What Do We Know What Do We Not Know What Do We Do About It  Megan Kavanaugh, DrPH

What Can We Learn from Pregnancy Test and Emergency Contraception Clients and Who Comes for these ServicesDebra T. Israel, RN

Understanding Pregnancy Decision-Making The Role of Partners and Providers  Amanda B. Wilburn, MPH

It Matters How We Ask Wanting, Planning, Trying, Hoping – Pregnancy and Childbearing   Ellen M. Shanahan, MA

Unraveling Pregnancy Motivation Loose Threads Or a Woven Tapestry Ilene S. Speizer, PhD, MHS

Improving Population-Based Measures of Pregnancy Motivations and Reproductive Plans   Sarojini Kanotra, MS, PhD, MPH

The Acceptability and Effectiveness of a Non-Hormonal IUD for Emergency Contraception and Beyond  Eleanor Bimla Schwarz, MD, MS

Update on Current Media Resources and Options  Amanda B. Wilburn, MPH

New Approaches in Interventions to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy   Samantha Garbers, MPA, PhD

Selected Tools


2012 Kentucky Family Planning Survey (English)

2012 Kentucky Family Planning Survey (Spanish)

2012 North Carolina Family Planning Survey


Impact of a Self-Administered Computerized Counseling Module on Contraceptive Method Choice   Allison Meserve, MPH; Samantha Garbers, MPA; Melissa Kottke, MD; Robert Hatcher, MD, MPH; Mary Ann Chiasson, DrPH