Requests for Analytic Data

Send an email to the CER SI team to request a free consultation about your Medicaid MAX data needs. Please include a general description of your research project or proposal.

Upon receipt of your email, the CER SI team will arrange a time to meet with you. The consultation may address the following topics:

  • Identifying the appropriate study design and data resources for your research question.
  • Assessing the advantages and disadvantages of various study designs and data sources.
  • Providing information about CMS Medicaid MAX data use agreement requirements.
  • Providing advice about other TraCS resources.

As you proceed with development of your research plan, keep in mind that the CER SI team can function as either consultants or collaborators for your project. As consultants, we will provide advice about your research plan and assist in the identification and preparation of a database applicable to your research question. As collaborators, our role may include study design, analysis planning, programming assistance, and/or interpreting results.