Requests for Analytic Data 

Consultation is required prior to submitting a data request. Please see the contact information section.


The HOP Oversight Committee reviews all requests to use Healthy Opportunities Pilots data. The full approval process can take several months, depending on whether revisions are required.


The HOP Oversight Committee uses the following criteria to evaluate data requests:

  1. Overlap. Does the proposal overlap with the planned evaluation? Proposals that overlap with the planned evaluation are not permitted per DHHS guidelines. The CMS approved evaluation plan can be found here:
  2. Feasibility. Can the research question be adequately answered using the requested database? Are there an adequate number of cases to be studied for the proposed analysis? Are the right data elements available and specified? For the key data elements needed, is the quality of the data adequate?
  3. Rigor. Is the proposed methodology sound and viable with respect to the research questions, population and data requested?
  4. Expertise. Does the research team possess the requisite skills and experience to conduct the proposed work?


In addition to approval by the HOP oversight committee, requests will also be reviewed by relevant committees at the North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance. The entire review process will be coordinated by the HOP project manager.


Documents Required for ALL Data Requests


Additional Documents Required for NC Medicaid Data Requests


Please email Myklynn LaPoint at with any questions.