Prevention/Care Management Technical Assistance Center (Master Task Order)

UNC Sheps shall furnish personnel, information and materials as reasonably necessary, and shall devote reasonable business efforts to assist AIR in developing and preparing sections of the PCM TAC RFTO Proposal(s) and any modifications thereto related to NCQA’s relevant Scope of Work. • UNC Sheps shall work with AIR to determine whether or not to… Read more »

UNC Post-Doctoral Training Program in Comparative Effectiveness Research

The components of Comparative Effectiveness Research include: evaluation of current evidence through systematic reviews; observational studies and analyses such as pharmacoepidemiology and modeling research; conduct of large effectiveness trials; and dissemination and implementation activities

Evaluating Plan for the North Carolina Healthy Start Baby Love Plus Reducing Racial Disparities in Infant Mortality in North Carolina

The purpose of this research is to continue the ongoing evaluation of the North Carolina Healthy Start Initiative, currently in seven rural Eastern counties and five rural counties in the Northeastern region of the State. This infant mortality reduction initiative of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Division of Women’s and Children’s… Read more »

Diagnosis and Treatment of Infections in Nursing Homes

This project will design, implement, and evaluate a quality improvement program to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing in nursing homes and assisted living communities in order to reduce infections in nursing homes.